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GuangZhou Icecool Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in guangzhou city,guangdong province,which is specialized in refrigeration equipment production and sales,also we are agent for many brands compressors,air cooler,condenser & refrigeration accessories,with reliable quality and service.At the same time,we can provide export transportation,export & custom clearance service,etc.We are looking forward to providing our esteemed customers withone-stop sourcing experience.


Refrigeration spare parts
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Refirgerant oil and gas
211,55 USD - 223,08 USD/parte
1 parte(Min. Order)
70,00 USD - 80,00 USD/parte
1 parte(Min. Order)
39,80 USD - 50,00 USD/parte
1 parte(Min. Order)
50,00 USD - 60,00 USD/parte
1 parte(Min. Order)